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Unpacking Cultural Identities Activity to Facilitate with Students

cultural identity collaborative poems activity slide During our Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education (CRSE) workshop, part of the Inclusive Teaching Institute open to faculty and teaching staff across Harvard, we unpacked our own cultural identities. This is the first step in embracing a CRSE mindset to understand yourself and to reflect upon how you are showing up for both yourself and your students. Through a CRSE mindset, you can apply actionable strategies and leverage students' identities in your class.... Read more about Unpacking Cultural Identities Activity to Facilitate with Students

Instructor Spotlight: Max Krasnow on Universal Design for Learning (UDL)


"It really means caring enough that your teaching is accessible to your students and recognizing the fact that your students are a diverse audience."
Max Krasnow is an instructor at Harvard Extension School. In this Instructor Spotlight, Dr. Krasnow shares his thoughts on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and provides tips on how to include UDL principles in his class.

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Inclusive Teaching Tips From Instructors

4 step process for inclusive teaching and learning implementation

During Instructor Development Night 2021, we connected with instructors on inclusive teaching strategies to make students feel a sense of belonging in an online classroom community. We opened up our workshop with a thought starter for instructors to reflect upon what inclusive teaching and learning means to them and then they shared strategies that you can try out in your own class.

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Course Design Spotlight: Illustrated Branching-Scenario

persona sketches for branching scenarioCourse Design Spotlights highlight innovative projects that members of the Teaching and Learning team work on with DCE faculty through the Teach Partnership program. This spotlight highlights a partnership with Perkins School for the Blind to design a branching scenario that allows learners to make choices and experience possible consequences in a low-stakes environment.


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Assessing for Learning

pink blooms on fruit tree in May

What is the purpose of the assessments in your course? This is a simple question that can be hard to answer, particularly when the assessments we include in our course are ones we inherited from previous courses, textbooks, or ways we learned the content ourselves. Instead, I encourage you to ask yourself: What do I want to know my students can do after they’re done taking my course? Do they have space to practice those skills in class?

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Preparing for Your Fully Online Semester

Leaf representing community

Harvard Extension School classes will be fully online for the 2020-2021 academic year. While the Extension School has provided online learning opportunities for our students for decades, we also know the experience will be much different this year. Many of you will be teaching from spaces you weren’t expecting to teach from and using technology you’ve never used before. The reason why we’re online — a global pandemic — means you and your students alike will be juggling many things in their lives. What does all of this mean for your class?
Above all, it means listening to and asking for feedback from your students is especially important this semester. On a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), survey your students about what is going well in the course, what they’re struggling with, and what else they’d like to tell you. You’ll learn more about your class then you ever thought possible. It’s also likely you’ll be doing something for the first time this semester and student feedback is useful as you adjust your class for this fully online world. 

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How to Use Your Canvas Site and Why It Matters

Photo of door up close Your Harvard Extension School course has a Canvas site that goes hand-in-hand with your class sessions. Think of Canvas as the door to your classroom — it’s a unified space for you to share resources, communicate with your students, and assign grades. It’s a space for your students to submit their assignments and access readings. Above all, Canvas gives your students access to you, your teaching staff, and classmates. Here are some reasons using Canvas essential features helps make a course successful:


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